Consulting Division

The ARC Group’s Consulting Division was assembled to assist clients with various consulting assignments consisting of market studies, feasibility studies, rent studies, real estate investment planning, potential investment cash flow projections, and planning/construction projects.

Market studies performed by the Consulting Division help clients gauge the marketability of a certain property type, either existing or proposed, in a specified area. These studies give the client an accurate measure of how well their property would be accepted by the market.

Feasibility studies help clients gauge the feasibility of a certain property type. These properties are typically proposed or have a proposed use change, such as an apartment community being converted to a condominium development. The feasibility study tests not only the financial feasibility of the project, but also how the market will react to such a development.

Rent studies help clients gauge if an existing property is leased to current market rates. Rent studies also help determine the market rent for a proposed project or a subsidized/government owned development.

The ARC Group’s Consulting Division also work in conjunction with the Realty Division to properly assess and analyze investors potential and the likely success of an investment. This consists of investment planning with the investor, which includes analyzing the investment potential and financial guidelines of the investor. Once the financial guidelines are in place, the professionals in the Consulting Division work directly with the investor or investment group to analyze properties and determine if an investment fits their needs.