Appraisal Division

The ARC Group’s Appraisal Division has an Appraisal Institute designated MAI appraiser, as well as two additional certified general appraisers. The professionals in The ARC Group Appraisal Division have certified general licenses in Kentucky and Indiana, which allow them to cover the entire state of Kentucky and Indiana. These certifications allow the appraisal professional in The ARC Group to analyze commercial and residential properties in several different locations, as well as several different demographics.

The ARC Group Appraisal Division has performed services for numerous national banks, financial institutions, governmental entities, and insurance companies. Services have also been performed for individual property owners, developers and attorneys throughout the region.

The appraisal professional in The ARC Group are continually attending education classes offered by the Appraisal Institute in order to remain in touch with new appraisal practices and ever changing market conditions. This continuing education increases the confidence that our appraisal professionals have in valuing a wide array of commercial and residential property types in several different markets.

Types of Valuation Assignments

The ARC Group Appraisal Division is capable to provide a number of different valuation assignments to fit the client’s needs. The most common valuation provided is market value. Other values that can be provided are investor value (a value pertaining to a certain investor), retrospective value (a value based on a date in the past, commonly utilized in estate settlement or condemnation), prospective value (valuing a proposed project), liquidation value (the value associated with a sale involving inadequate marketing time), insurable value (replacement value of the improvements on a property), value in use (a value pertaining to a specific use), and “as is”, “as complete”, and “as stabilized” values, which also fall under the category of market value. An “as is” value might be associated with raw land ready for development, whereas an “as complete” value might be the value of the land and recently constructed improvements that aren’t leased or occupied, and an “as stabilized” value is the value of a property leased to stabilized occupancy.